Daily Archives: 26 June, 2012

FF motion against merging of cultural institutions
Leading colleges form research partnership
Academic impact isn’t just about answers – let’s start with debate
Universities to ‘deliver more with less’ by pooling resources
Taoiseach launches 3U Partnership to help Irish Universities ‘compete more effectively on the global stage’
The Academic Jungle: Ecosystem Model Reveals Why Women Are Driven out of Science
Government Would Be Mad to Throw Away Croke Park Progress and Productivity
European Commission hides controversial ‘Science: It’s a Girl Thing!’ video
Time to review peer review
Coalition rift over Croke Park pact
Tensions mount over Varadkar’s plan to stop annual public sector pay rises
Unions say cutting overtime is breach of Croke Park deal
Medical students: ‘No option but to emigrate’
No news is good news
New Order’s Peter Hook launches music industry degree