Daily Archives: 08 August, 2012

Periodic Table of Typefaces
Benefits of Project Maths questioned
Farming bodies against asset testing for third-level grants
Trinity College Welcomes the 10 Millionth Visitor to the Old Library and Book of Kells Visitor Centre
UL to honour Chuck Feeney’s legacy to Irish universities
LIT hopes new incubation centres will lay golden eggs
Creating video for teaching
BOI to offer new low-rate student loan scheme to UCC students
Maths students ‘need field trips’
Irish universities to jointly honour Chuck Feeney
Clune welcomes loan scheme for UCC students
MOOCs: a massive opportunity for higher education, or digital hype?
Women academics publish less than men. Or do they …?
Quinn under fire over post-graduate loan scheme
FG revolt on plan to hit student grants for farmers
Students’ union says thousands will be left out of loan scheme
Student Colm Johnson drowns in kayak tragedy
BoI postgrad loan creates ‘two-tiered’ education system
Students should consider future not present