Daily Archives: 24 August, 2012

Riddled with irregularity
Get a Wife!
Coursera Adds Honor-Code Prompt in Response to Reports of Plagiarism
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7 Irish HEIs to share of nearly €7m in Tempus Funds
Irish Cattle & Sheep Farmers’ Association seeks clarity over third-level grants
Leaving Cert Angst
Universities ‘admitting foreign students with poor English’
UCC honours Brian Cody, our hurling nemesis
US Appeals Court Upholds Legality of Stem Cell Research
Bank of Ireland managers receive university qualification
Tuition fee refugees: you may be disappointed
University publicity
More Dodgy College Rankings
Project Maths – silver bullet or step in the right direction?
Pathways to Research
Latest news on allowances
‘If a tree falls in a forest …’ Why REF impact isn’t the only (or best) reason to engage with social media to make an impact
9th Level Ireland – 4 years old today
Floating campus crossing Atlantic for Galway