Daily Archives: 29 August, 2012

Marking scheme for Project Maths does not reflect ability of brighter students – Mitchell O’Connor
Bollywood’s Most Influential Film Maker, Yash Chopra, Receives Honorary Professorship from Trinity College Dublin, Marking 100 Years of Bollywood Film
‘Tweets in space’ to promote science funding
USI President affirms commitment to fees mandate
Students will have to pay in future – UCC finance officer
Poll finds public scepticism over value of degree
Moving Up
Pro-Assange group claims university hacking
How Did They Get My Email Address? The Accidental and Plentiful Supply of Academic and Scientific Contacts
Almost all parents want children to go to college but many can’t pay for it
Criticism of Project Maths syllabus fails to add up
‘Invest in research’ and foster futures
USI Launches Information Campaign Against Bank Of Ireland Postgraduate Loan Schemes
Controversy Sparked By USI President Interview In HotPress
Young Women Are More Likely Than Men to Aspire to College, and to Graduate