Life is a struggle on €232,000, says university president

“Ireland’s highest-paid university president has staunchly defended his six-figure salary. The president of University College Cork, Dr Michael Murphy, who is paid €232,000 a year, has described how the heads of Irish universities ‘are as challenged at paying their bills as anyone else’ …” (more)

[Niamh Horan, Independent, 9 September]

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One Response to “Life is a struggle on €232,000, says university president”

  1. Eamonn J. Ryan Says:

    Imbecilic claims to poverty? Failure to demand legitimate compliance with entry requirements! Failure to require an adequate level of success! Failure to strictly adhere to marking standards! What could anyone expect from Emerald/Crystal city when even past presidents of the State have used Article 26 of the constitution to avoid confrontation with Ministers and to protect themselves? A cowardly manoeuvre. It is of no consequence to the president, Articles 12-14, whether or not an other will or will not contest a constitutional matter at a later date. If any new law is considered to be constitutionally questionable it is the Presidents duty and obligation to protect the constitution by referring such law to the Supreme Court whether or not the Council of State agrees. I refer to the appalling unconstitutional abuse by the state of Article 29.4.10. Unchallenged in law, Article 14.2. Buildings Control Act 2007, Road Traffic Act 2004, Taxi Regulation Act 2003 and their Special Instruments. If the State wishes to change the constitution there is a procedure in the constitution to do so it’s called Article 47 The Referendum.

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