Daily Archives: 18 September, 2012

Library budget to be cut by €792,000
AC Grayling’s private university to open with just 60 students
Belfast university area: 75 student noise inspections
Angry reaction over linking of Household Charge to grants
Student Grant blackmail over unjust household charge – an outrage
Public service allowance savings targets for 2012 will not be met
Councils link charge to grants
ASTI: Govt announcement is unwarranted and vicious attack on new teachers’ pay
Angry students slam grant blackmail threat
‘Use whatever means necessary’ says Hogan as he backs council in student grant row
HPAT deprives 111 students of places
Hogan defends Clare Co Council in household-charge ‘proof’ row
Time to reintroduce third level fees?
Allowances are to be cut for public servants
Phil Hogan on College Grants and the Household Charge
Number of local authorities considering withholding grants over non-payment of household
Grant applicants asked if they have paid household charge. The new reality?
Ruairi Quinn says it reasonable for councils to ask grant applicants about legally-due taxes
Clare County Council defends third level grant link with Household Charge
Quinn must immediately clarify position on grant controversy