Daily Archives: 24 October, 2012

Teachers protest over class sizes and unequal pay
Teachers’ leaders address ‘Valuing Education’ protest
BA in Espionage: where the spies studied
Fed Up? Stand Up
Maintenance Grants – Adjacent and Non-Adjacent Rates
Third Level Fees – Recent Confirmation of Citizenship
Grants for Women studying Engineering
More than 60,000 student grant applications still being processed by new SUSI system
Welcome for Support for All Ireland University Motion
Cork local economy to lose €33,157,630 due to college fee hikes and grant cuts
Consultants pose challenge to Croke Park agreement
Neglect of basic research
Education subject of ‘routine’ Revenue audit
Universities must adapt or perish: report
Manchester Metropolitan: ‘Bullying’ university bans world-renowned professor who spoke out
Scientists found guilty for ‘causing’ earthquake deaths
IHCA refusal to attend Labour Court could be first big test for Croke Park
The Cost of Higher Education
Does This Lab Coat Make Me Look Fat?
PwC and the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick announce new partnership