Daily Archives: 13 November, 2012

Inspection of businesses providing services to WIT ordered
David McWilliams & Derek Lynch on Economics Teaching
USI: Extra staff to deal with backlogs not enough
MOOCs to Be Evaluated for Possible College Credit
Interview – USI vice-president of academic affairs Cat O’Driscoll
Student grants delayed
Head of student grant system answers to Oireachtas Committee
Tony Blair jeered by UCL students before speech
‘Mistakes’ made in new grant system
McConalogue Calls On Education Minister To Keep His Promises To Students
SU Presidents to oppose amendment to Universities Act
Taoiseach announces more staff to clear grant application backlog
Clinton the ‘ideal man’ for JP scholarship awards
Crisis in SUSI must be resolved
Citation indicator in world rankings
Commitee to query grant delays
Tuition fees send UK inflation rate soaring in October
Is the Relationship Between Journal Impact Factors and Article Citations Growing Weaker?
Education Minister criticises grant delays
Student grant operators to appear before Oireachtas Committee