Daily Archives: 06 December, 2012

Minister Sherlock warmly welcomes Government’s on-going strong commitment to research and innovation as a driver of economic recovery
Trinny the Trinity College cat is missing
Budget 2013 Breakdown: Science
Budget attacks on students and low and middle income workers will provoke fightback in 2013
Bishop Mehaffey enters Magee debate
Student leader promises escalation in protests
Most Professors Say They’ve Considered Quitting Over Work-Life Conflicts
Theory of the E-book
NUI Maynooth appoints new registrar and deputy president
Former Fianna Fail councillor accused of plagiarism insists: ‘The truth will emerge’
Budget Statement from USI President John Logue
Budget 2013 Education: 6,000 to lose up to €1,500 as income levels for grants reduced
Third Level Survey
Credential crisis
Women demand seat at the tables