Daily Archives: 12 December, 2012

Student protest at Kenny’s office
Targeting graduate nurses for pay cuts is a ‘cheap shot’
The focus on science and technology is working
Science Foundation Ireland to get extra powers under new bill
Science Review 2012: Prof Desmond Fitzgerald, VP for research, UCD
Third Level Fees for Non-EEA Nationals
Student Grant Scheme Eligibility
Student Grant Scheme Application Numbers
Student Grant Scheme Delays
Stranmillis University College: Governing Body
University of Ulster: Belfast Campus
Industrial Development (Science Foundation Ireland) Bill 2012 [Seanad] (Number 113 of 2012)
Website uses DCU as a location for Dublin-based escorts
Free education not practicable: DCU President
New Platform Lets Professors Set Prices for Their Online Courses
Gaming Google Scholar Citations, Made Simple and Easy
New legislation to focus scientific research on turning good ideas into good jobs
Dramatic Growth of Open Access 2012: early year-end edition
Queen’s should tackle alcohol abuse by students
SFI remit extended to include funding of applied research