Daily Archives: 13 December, 2012

EU and publishers in ebooks deal
EU Research Ministers agree part of funding package for research and innovation
1,642 sign petition calling on reversal of cuts to graduate nurses’ pay
How Do You Define Internationalization?
Student Registration Fee
Student Assistance Fund
Student Support Schemes
UCD restructures ahead of groups
Increase in Pupil Teacher Ratio will result in job losses and a significant blow for further education opportunities
Efforts to strengthen UK universities will suffer if campaigns ignore their european counterparts
Putting Dissertation Online Isn’t an Obstacle to Print Publication, Surveys Find
The appliance of science
Students (and colleges) vulnerable to computer gaming addiction
Up to 8,000 students to miss out on getting college grants by year’s end
When dropping out might be right choice for students
Gender gap in university applications widens further after fees rise
It should be the making of us
200 VEC jobs to go as PLC courses face drop
Can’t cry wolf over all the howling
Managers are extending reach into research