Daily Archives: 20 December, 2012

Pensions, health costs & education fees for 2014-2015
Friend of Nicola Furlong, murdered in Tokyo, tells court about meeting US entertainers and sexual assault
Nurses’ unions call for boycott of graduate employment scheme
FutureLearn is UK’s chance to ‘fight back’, says OU vice-chancellor
Euro Commission abandons ACTA court request
Students face wait for grants
Innovation, a failed enterprise policy and inconvenient facts for 2013
Fees are creeping back up – making it tough for families
Only third of students to get grant by Christmas
Professors look in the mirror – not all like what they see
Journals nail colours to the mast in revolt over RCUK open-access policy
The Multibillion-Dollar Threat to Research Universities
Colleges to have 19:1 pupil-teacher ratio