Daily Archives: 17 January, 2013

Let’s Have Entrepreneurship Education for All
Moody’s report calls into question all traditional university revenue sources
Hiding your research behind a paywall is immoral
Unions warn college merger plan will hurt staff and students
Is it time to scrap the points system once and for all?
UCC pays $1m for ‘Great Book of Ireland’
The points system doesn’t prove anything but an ability to regurgitate information
The Irish higher education ‘landscape’
More than a third of maths teachers feel underqualified
Universities told to woo primary school children
Second union warns of strike if Croke Park II talks collapse
Power of unions has crumbled with rise of HR
Quinn defends education cuts
Plagiarism problems on campus: where have I heard that before?
Institutes move ahead with TU status plan
Moody’s Gives Higher Education Outlook Downgrade, Now Seen As Negative
If We Profs Don’t Reform Higher Ed, We’ll Be Re-Formed (and we won’t like it)