Student Grant Scheme Applications

Deputy Brendan Griffin asked the Minister for Education and Skills the name of the company that designed the Student Universal Support Ireland online student grant application system; and his plans to make further improvements to the system …” (more)

[Dáil Éireann Written Answers, 5 February]


  • I applied for my son’s student grant the beginning of july 2012 and then had to appeal their ridiculious decision on level of grant in january 2013. I am still waiting and this is 8 months later. what the hell is going on ?? Can someone please do something about this SUSI grant system. It is not working ! Im only on a one parent family payment and Im having to appeal a decision that is obviously an error on their part.

    A distraught parent

  • The SUSI grant system wont even respond to letters or phone calls or e mails… I applied for a grant on behalf of my son who is in college struggling to survive. I have had to appeal their ridiculious and obviously wrong decision. it is now nearly 8 months since I applied for his grant last July 2012. It is now mid february 2013 and we are still waiting an obvious decision on his grant application. Can someone please do something as he is going to have to DROP OUT over their incompetency !!!
    Please help.
    A one parent family mother

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