Daily Archives: 08 February, 2013

Horizon 2020 budget cut by over 12%
Liberal Arts Majors Didn’t Kill the Economy
No easing of Croke Park stance after debt deal, says Kenny
Student Grant Changes Discriminate Against Farming Families – McConalogue
Europe’s leaders slash research budget
Students occupy Sussex University in protest against privatisation
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‘Academia is a very well kept secret’
The Changing Landscape of Global Academic Communication
Impact factors, research assessment and an alternative to REF 2014
How do you fix a problem like education?
Student Grant Scheme Eligibility
Student Grant Scheme Appeals
Student Grant Scheme Application Numbers
Breakdown: Horizon 2020 budget set to be reduced
Prosecutors sum up in Furlong case
Third-level body insists DCU was not targeted in eligibility ruling
Coveney makes three appointments to Teagasc for five-year term
Stem-cell therapy scams ‘preying on the vulnerable’