Daily Archives: 26 February, 2013

Porn-Watching Professor Says Visit To Illicit Site Was An Accident
Girls’ Math Performance Study Points To A Late-Round Rally, Suggests Equal Ability
Public servants may lose out on 80 different allowances
Government publishes €1bn pay deal as public service anger grows
Downgrading Irish University Libraries
LRC’s pay deal proposals published
Can Technology Disrupt Education?
McLaughlin calls for Magee Campus development plan
Book Review: What’s the Use of Economics? Teaching the Dismal Science after the Crisis
Oxford twice as likely to give top spaces to whites
US science to be open to all
Cuts would be worse without Croke Park deal, says Taoiseach
Trade union to recommend vote against Croke Park extension
Foreign students to stay in migration figures
Research misconduct could carry funding penalty
Academia, and working from home
Disrupting Higher Education – II
Gender attack on universities
“The Impact of University Rankings on Higher Education Policy in Europe” by Ellen Hazelkorn and Martin Ryan
More universities try the MOOC model by moving professors’ lectures online