Daily Archives: 02 March, 2013

Quinn’s attack on farmers’ assets has sown seeds of political division
MOOCs and the Myths of Dropout Rates and Certification
College Sexual Assault Victim Advocates Hail VAWA Passage
Germany wants Google to pay for news citations, passes re-publishing bill
We should change the Irish admissions system rather than abandon another generation to the cruelties of the points race
Scottish independence: Reassurances over university research funding
Bruton denies unions ‘punished’ for leaving talks
How do workers decide whether Croke Park II is approved?
Affirmative action – A question of merit
Open access publishing takes a step forward
University debt ratings to face volatile year
£30m plan for hundreds more postgraduate places
Labour split over Quinn’s grant plans
Student grant applicants to be told of changes to reporting income
Coalition divisions deepen on means-testing for student grants
Coveney denial: Reports of rift with Quinn
Parents now waiting extra year before sending children to school
Barred lecturer issues UAE warning
‘We know how strong we need to be for Nic’ – Furlong family in Tokyo for trial
No recommendation from INTO on how members should vote