Daily Archives: 05 March, 2013

Man killed in accident on UCC campus
Irish universities must learn to compete with the world’s best
Doctor says Nicola Furlong ‘fought back while being strangled’
UNITE union recommends that members reject ‘Croke Park 2′ deal
Iraq ten years on: ivory tower under siege
CICE to sever ties with Trinity
The new metrics cannot be ignored – we need to implement centralised impact management systems to understand what these numbers mean
Croke Park II …
Nicola Furlong died ‘slow, painful death’: doctor
One Down, One to Go: Edwin Mellen Press Blinks One Eye
Peer grading in MOOCs
‘It is no function of the State to supplement fee-paying schools’ – TUI
Hard-Pressed Academics
SIPTU to discuss Croke Park extension deal
Seeing accused a ‘relief’ for Nicola Furlong’s mother
Financial Realities – A New Analysis Suggests OA Will Have a Benign Effect on Publishers
Golden-Age vs. New Dawn
Furlong trial told women were likely drugged
Trinity and UCD struggling to attract global talent
UK universities slide down greasy pole of perception