SIPTU members’ rejection of Croke Park II a body blow to government

“SIPTU members’ rejection of Croke Park II is a body blow to the government’s austerity agenda, according to Sinn Féin deputy leader, Mary Lou McDonald TD this afternoon …” (more)

[Sinn Féin, 16 April]

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One Response to “SIPTU members’ rejection of Croke Park II a body blow to government”

  1. Tui member Says:

    As a worker in the iot sector, we are all aware that a lot of money is being spent on companies who are members in ibec and are bleeding the public sector dry in legal fees consultancy and unnecessary strategic projects. The admin is bloated and top heavy so no wonder impact voted for the deal. Huge amounts on technologies which may not add anything to the quality of learning, a mess with a new grant system Susie costing what? What about the top slice money from the grant given to quango ioti- their expenses makes for interesting reading. Publish the actual spend including non pay and then we will see where it’s really going.

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