Daily Archives: 18 May, 2013

Teachers ‘know pay negotiations will end up in compromise’
55 public-paid educators earning more than the Taoiseach
Declaration on Research Assessment
The First IREG Audit
ASTI accepts invitation to attend LRC pay talks
Staffing allocation blamed for delay to grants
500 students in Limerick seeking ‘sugar daddies’
Stem cell research requires legislation and guidelines
Revamped student grants system opens
SIPTU holds key to deal as teachers signal they want to talk
SUSI Report Confirms Minister Failed Students in Blind Pursuit of Savings
Primary teachers votes for strike action if government cuts their pay
Student loans system is sustainable, insists minister
Promise of extra staff and need for fewer documents to process student grants
Can Venture Capital Deliver on the Promise of the Public University?
UK ‘fly in, fly out’ scholars fail to take off in China