UCD, TCD professors paid more than those at world’s top colleges

“Professors at Ireland’s two top colleges – which have both tumbled out of the World Top 100 ratings in the past three years – are receiving higher salaries than those at the world’s 10 highest ranking colleges like Oxford, Cambridge and Berkeley …” (more)

[Mark Keenan, Independent, 27 May]


  • The independent piece is mostly inaccurate, of course. It compares the very tip TOP salaries at Irish universities with the AVERAGE full professor salaries at US universities.


    NB that average ASSISTANT professor salaries at Caltech are more than $100,000.

  • Never let the facts get in the way of a good Irish public service-bashing story.

  • As the journalist who wrote the story I can confirm that the data from all Irish colleges was supplied by the institutions themselves. Suitable comparisons were provided so that like could be compared with like.

    I would also suggest that having unnamed publicly featured contributors excoriate a professional’s work in a public forum is a risky policy indeed. My article has my full name on it and anyone is entitled to contest it legally.

    I also enjoy the same legal rights regarding this forum and cowardly unidentified mudslingers who shriek “fake news” and attempt to libel the professional reputations of others from behind cowardly tagline masks.

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