Daily Archives: 05 June, 2013

Irish academic nominated as US ambassador to UN
Public Sector pensions: Some things you won’t hear every day …
Quinn says grant application will run ‘considerably better’ in the coming term
Overseas recruitment continuing to suffer, suggests UUK report
Docklands to get €36m residential centre
Trust in science would be improved by study pre-registration
Riot police arrest eleven at Sydney University protest
Minister’s refusal to assure third level grants payment before Christmas ‘very worrying’
Ruairi Quinn: Plan to change means test for student grants ‘not dead’
College fee plan slammed
Uni switches to feminine professor titles for men
FG revolt ends Quinn reforms of means test for grants
Chances of getting college place still good for the class of 2013
Queen’s University to close campus on G8 summit weekend
Postgraduate studies ‘only for the rich’
Technological University for Waterford IT and Carlow IT
The paper trail