Daily Archives: 06 June, 2013

Quinn contradicts Hayes on means-test for grants
Cork conference to explore Horizon 2020 and regional economies
CIT nearer to university status
Academic sleuthing uncovered British torture of Mau Mau fighters
A CHORUS of boos: publishers ‘solution’ to public access undermines government mandates and would invariably cost more money
Access chief says ‘little or no progress’ at most selective unis
Students still unsure what constitutes cheating
Graduate earnings by institution: ‘dangerous’ data?
Tyndall researchers protest pay ‘mess of gigantical proportions’
The Defamation Act hasn’t done enough for scientists
Quinn slaps down new minister in row over means-testing of grants
To Be Honest: An unheard voice in education
Market principles poisoning Irish education
‘Damn Catholics’ row
Leaving Cert points penalties
Prime numbers are still giving up their secrets
French can’t block the English signal
Academics fight for data-privacy exception
New FG junior minister says Quinn grants plan has been ‘dealt with’