Daily Archives: 21 August, 2013

Irish university business courses ‘light years’ from global standards, says Isme chief
Union restates position on work hours
Cork Bike Scheme in place for next summer
Deal sees Athlone students resume audiology studies
Griffith College Limerick moves to former HSI building
Audiology students left in ‘academic limbo’ to return to studies
Universities criticised for lack of industry ready graduates
Private sector to fight universities for high-grade students
Why Aren’t There More Women at the Top in Scholarly Publishing?
Half of 2011 papers now free to read
CAO has 160 places to fill as maths requirement takes its toll
Galway landlords refusing to rent to first-year students
More aspiring students opting to go Dutch
Survey suggests parents fearful of having to borrow for higher education
College students urged not to overpay for rented accommodation
UCC to offer drink-free housing
Parents fear debt from cost of college
Smart technology is smart learning
Students take legal action over closure of audiology course at Athlone IT
What to do about laptops in lectures?