This Blog is 5 Years Old

5th birthday!This blog went live (initially as 9thlevelireland. on 24 August 2008. Since then there have been 35,806 posts, and it has been viewed 864,346 times. For the last year: most (77%) of the traffic world-wide was from Ireland (65% of Irish traffic was from the Dublin area, 8% from Cork, 7% from Galway, and 5% from Sligo). The UK accounts for 7% of world-wide traffic, the US for 5%. Most of the traffic is from desktops, though 18% is from mobiles and 11% from tablets. The most popular browser was Chrome (27%), though not far behind were Safari (22%), Firefox (20%) and IE (17%).

The most-viewed posts for the last year were:

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  1. Eugene Gath Says:

    Steve, thanks so much for this blog. I am a reader of just over a year. It makes it so easy to keep up on academic news from home and abroad.
    Keep up the good work!

    Eugene Gath (UL)

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