Daily Archives: 11 September, 2013

New CCTV at College Road Cork
Fixed Term Contracts, Funding and Unfair Dismissal
Teachers ‘deeply concerned’ about abolition of Junior Cert
Google and edX Create a MOOC Site for the Rest of Us
Zero-hour contracts shame British universities
Grades drop in higher maths as numbers up
Junior Cert begins the path to extinction
‘Intelligent’ bike-sharing scheme begins at NUI Galway
Institutes of technology not ready for university status
Surge in number of Junior Cert students taking higher maths
Academics warned not to be ‘seduced’ by cosmetic industry claims, reviewing instead the ‘science bit’
Where to Publish?
Nudge Nation: A New Way to Prod Students Into and Through College
What is good science? And what gets public funding?
Universities Are Trying to Stop the Next Mark Zuckerberg From Dropping Out
Higher Education Is Headed For A Shakeout, Analysts Warn