Fixed Term Contracts, Funding and Unfair Dismissal

“In last month’s reported employment appeals tribunal cases, the tribunal was asked to consider in Patrick Fournet v NUI Galway UD 1262/2011 MN 1367/2011 whether the claimant had been unfairly dismissed from his post when funding ceased for his role …” (more)

[Wendy Doyle Solicitors Blog, 11 September]


  • Interesting that the way the universities are wriggling out of honouring CIDs is by saying contract workers are there for “specific purposes”. Why then do these contract staff regularly perform safety, admin, teaching and other jobs not mentioned at all in the grants covering their salaries?
    Has a case been tested in NUIG regarding the 6 weeks per year of service redundancy package for CIDs I wonder, as was agreed in The Labour Court for cases in UCC and TCD?

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