Institutes of technology not ready for university status

“Higher education is in the throes of change and challenge. Across the world, governments are reforming national systems in the search for prosperity …” (more)

[Brigid Laffan, Irish Times, 11 September]


  • It is sickening to see Laffan at her old game of self-publicity, polemics and ill-researched clap-trap, all the while laced with euro references to justify her endless sucking at the Hera research teat, while producing nothing but this sort of posset. She has the same sort if contempt for the public who pay for her lifestyle and who paid her bonus under Brady as the bankers we balked out. Unbelievable neck to talk about cuts. If she was really au fait with European trends as she purports, she ould know that the model of valuing artisan and craft mastery in the form of apprenticeships as more than equivalent to degrees is where it’s at, along the German and Swiss lines.
    Also academics in the institutes are often young early stage researchers who are pursuing their PhDs while teaching-only the worst type of hypocrite drawn from the overpaid ranks of the senior tenchnocratic classes in the university, and it is an insult to academics to call the likes of Laffan a lecturer, would deny that the majority of lecturing work in the universities is done in zero hour contracts by people f the same academic standing as the lecturers in the institute of technologies. The fact is that the high quality of undergrad education in the iots means that a lot of the best postgrads in the universities are produced by this system. Every year the graduates of the program I teach are snapped up for funded PhDs and are winning awards for research. They didn’t lick it of the stones. If Laffan had any decency she would bugger off bqck to Italy , where she has been sitting at the taxpayer’s expense for the last year, and stop insulting the students, their families add the workers of the institutes if technologies.

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