Daily Archives: 03 February, 2014

Student stole computers from Irish university to design rival game to ‘Angry Birds’
Disappearing Academic Thought
Taoiseach Opens €30 Million NUI Galway Biomedical Science Building Hosting 300 Scientists
Elsevier opens its papers to text-mining
Quinn says he is not ready for the chop as Minister for Education
Jobs Committee to consider R&D landscape in Ireland with Minister Sherlock
As Data Proliferate, So Do Data-Related Graduate Programs
Alternatives to ‘sugar daddy’ sites
ICANN’s personalized domain names attracts little interest from higher education
India and the World Rankings
Serendipity at the heart of some of the world’s greatest scientific breakthroughs
Gap persists among students who complete Leaving Cert
College race is on as record 73,000 apply to the CAO
New school of law at UCD reflects shift in legal teaching
Changes to the Junior Cert
Rapid bus scheme for Dublin ‘could cut journey times by 40%’
We can’t ignore fees issue much longer
Women at business school – Ellen Kossek, professor
Online education and the dangers of multitasking