Daily Archives: 19 February, 2014

Staff at Tyndall Institute strike again as campaign intensifies
UCD’s student to staff ratio hits 23:1
President wants more Northern students at DCU
SU won’t hold official RAG Week this year
Referendum on USI re-affiliation announced
Interdisciplinary research: why it’s seen as a risky route
Irish tech startups may create 1,850 jobs in 3 years; Zero past evidence presented
A Tale from the Teaching Lab
Minister Bruton claims 1,850 jobs will be created by high-potential start-ups
Workers picket Tyndall Institute over pay inequality
As Glasgow’s absentee rector, Snowden will have to manage student expectations
Opening Science: The evolving guide on how the Internet is changing research, collaboration and scholarly publishing
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance: First Issue
Staff at Tyndall National Institute stage strike
New SFI funding programme for women in science
Gardai close club as 1,000 students in serious ‘crush’
Colleges in crisis