The feminisation of teaching

“Ok, forget the break, I’m going to take this one on! This whole argument resurfaced when the Minister rather clumsily raised the issue of honours maths for primary school teachers and linked his comments with the feminisation of the profession …” (more)

[educationandstuff, 25 April]

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One Response to “The feminisation of teaching”

  1. Former into member Says:

    What about the masculinisation of politics which leaves us with a deficit of common sense when it comes to ministers?
    This is not an innocent remark, ruairiquinn’s, part of this government’s general project to remove women from so called safe public service jobs and give them to breadwinners read as male. Very little in the press about why men left teaching in droves in the celtic tiger -bad pay and conditions and little respect for the profession beng a major reason. What next for labour? Bring back the marriage bar for women in thr civil service?
    Eveyday sexism from our state yet again.

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