‘Good colleges’ caught in the crossfire of moves to rein in rogue operators

Ireland“As many as 50 private colleges will shut down within months because of controversial changes to the accreditation system for the international education sector, it’s been claimed. Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan has accepted there will be further closures …” (more)

[Aengus Cox, Independent, 16 November]


  • There are about 18 relevent Schools/colleges waiting for approval, including the one mentioned. UK qualifications should never have been allowed on the register without fee protection for students and those colleges paying for inspections to verify attendance. A college with 7 rooms cant accommodate 2000 students, so why are visas issued to them beyond what they can accommodate legally and considering health and safety?

    A college with 2000 students should employ many teachers and support staff, but from their own websites you can see they only employ large numbers of students to sell, probably on commission, and willing to say anything.

  • Everybody is waiting for the release of the Interim List which will show which schools/colleges will be able to receive students from non-EU countries. There is one thing that I am confused about; now that the 2014/2015 term has started, the ´problem’ of course recognition will not effect enrollment until September 2015, so why should the good colleges close? They have a year to attain new courses.

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