Daily Archives: 08 January, 2015

Siptu calls for external audit of equality at NUI Galway
What would happen if grant reviews were made public?
USI dismisses mature student exclusion video
Minister for Education willing to examine 30-year retention of pupil data
Multidisciplinary departments: do they work?
How was it for you? REF views coloured by rank, discipline
New Vice-Chancellor Confirmed For Ulster University
85% of NUI Galway’s Academic Council is comprised of men. Surprised?
New study finds men more likely to doubt evidence of gender bias in science fields
Plan for Leaving Cert computer science module ‘tokenistic’
Moves to slow down CAO points race
Dutch universities dig in for long fight over open access
Ali Selim urges media not to republish Charlie Hebdo cartoons
NUI Galway signs 1.2 million euro contract for new IT infrastructure
Any Attempt to Prosecute Irish Publication of Charlie Hebdo Mohammed Cartoons is Doomed to Fail