Monthly Archives: February 2015

Joint statement from ASTI/TUI meeting on Junior Cycle
Minister will press ahead with Junior Cert changes
NUI Galway approves membership of gender equality taskforce
Unions drop plans for another one-day strike over new Junior Certificate
Proportion of female professors up, but still below a quarter
NUIG criticised for asking job seekers about menstrual cycle
The Guardian view on higher education: beyond the bean-counters
Labour’s tuition fee policy: not awful, but still pretty bad
Institutes of Technology Staff – Numbers
NUI Galway Announces Members of Gender Equality Task Force
NUI Galway Statement
Labour announce £6k fees for 2016
Call for action on NUI Galway interview allegations
NUI Galway says questionnaire about menstrual cycles did not decide who got jobs
University’s questions on menstrual cycles and breast problems ‘totally out of order’ and ‘misogynistic’ – Senator
NUIG staff up in arms over ‘invasive’ health quiz
Colleges vote on industrial action over merger plan
Postgraduate SUSI applicant? Let’s hope you were never hardworking or homeless
Cork and Tralee colleges say Munster merger ‘will not require efficiencies’
Seven myths of university teaching