Daily Archives: 04 February, 2015

JobBridge 2.0 on the way
College mergers will have to be done on a ‘shoestring’
Neglecting the grass roots in STEM education
‘Unacceptable level of text parallels’ loses neuroscientist a paper, but not her PhD
Second survey on children’s ethnicity after ‘White Irish’ error
It’s time to right a 50 year injustice and expand Magee College Derry
The Law Prof Twitter Network 2.0
Botched ‘TU’ merger costs run to €400,000
Hundreds of broke Irish students searching for sugar daddies to ease their financial woes
Rate of Leaving Cert completion increases
Universities (Development and Innovation) (Amendment) Bill 2015 – II – Tenure
Universities (Development and Innovation) (Amendment) Bill 2015 – I – Introduction
Partially built residential Dublin 9 site close to DCU goes on market for €2.5m
HEA to brief Education Committee on issues confronting higher level education
Institutes of Technology: University for the South East
Are Women Worse at Math? It’s Time to Stop Asking
Higher and Further Education Sectors: Support and Investment