Daily Archives: 12 February, 2015

New ‘Sneaky Naggin’ drinking fad pressures students to drink spirit bottle down in one
Women should be more involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – Minister
Maskey welcomes Executive backing for St Mary’s College
Research: the wrong priority for the arts and humanities?
President hits out at drinks firms ‘preying’ on Galway students
Dobbo takes first lecture at UL
Who’s Tying Money to College Performance, and How? A Report Breaks It Down
Survey Reveals 85% of UCD Students Are Unaware Of What Constitutes ‘Binge Drinking’
IFUT rejects UCC attempts to impose new staff contracts
Academic estimates ‘real’ cost of REF exceeds £1bn
Gender Equality in Promotions
Durham Students To Be Breathalysed By Nightclubs Following River Deaths
St Mary’s and Stranmillis colleges money cut to be discussed at executive
Minister ‘can’t get involved’ in ITs row
College says €1.2m in foundation ‘was not taxpayer cash’
University staff in strike threat over proposed work changes
Programme 204, Michael O’Leary on Assessment