Daily Archives: 23 March, 2015

Staff at Sligo college to stage second strike over NUIG merger
Activist pulled out of event because of miscommunication – SOFIA
Europe’s research commissioner lays out his ambitions
RCPI first in Ireland to partner with Tata on MOOCs project
Activist pulls out of Trinity College talk due to ‘restrictions’ aimed at not ‘antagonising’ Muslims
Boozing student hordes need to learn lessons in decent behaviour
Oxbridge Application Process Branded ‘Institutionally Racist’ by Cambridge Professor Diane Reay
LSE Occupy Interviews Owen Jones
Bruton: Public sector ‘pay recovery’ depends on spending constraints
Education policy seeks to diminish status and morale of researchers
The scientists are mad as hell, so show them the money
Unthinkable: Why should the State fund universities?
Medical graduates
My Education Week: ‘I try and approach any subject objectively’
Activist claims Trinity speech on apostasy and Islam cancelled
Scottish universities under fire over zero hours contracts
Basic Research and ‘That’ Letter
Higher Education and the 2015 UK General Election
Home of maths genius George Boole set for grand design