Daily Archives: 22 June, 2015

Public sector wage growth should be gradual – IMF
HPat scores for medical school entry down for second year
Sinn Féin delivers another blow to education in NI with increases to university fees – O’Reilly
Amazon to pay authors according to how many pages people read
Berkeley tragedy: Over $300,000 raised for family and friends
DCU accommodation set to grow after All Hallows purchase
Minister English calls on students to consider Tech careers ahead of CAO deadline
College lecturers say they are spending more time teaching ‘basic skills’
Injured students face lengthy wait ahead of return home for treatment
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland investing €50m to expand its research activities
Pay for student interns up but at expense of entry-level jobs
Berkeley tragedy: Building was twice in breach of regulations
Contemplating a Brexit for UK HE
Lansdowne Road Agreement: Vote Yes or No?
Top universities dismayed over ‘weak’ copyright reform
Horizon 2020: Surge in applications but low success rate