IT Carlow Chief says ‘TU’ Prize is worth pursuing

Ireland“IT Carlow (ITC) President, Dr Patricia Mulcahy, has endorsed the Kelly Report, the latest attempt to kickstart the Technological University (TU) status the Government hopes both ITC and Waterford IT will jointly pursue …” (more)

[Michelle Clancy, Munster Express, 4 August]

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One Response to “IT Carlow Chief says ‘TU’ Prize is worth pursuing”

  1. Tim O'Riordan Says:

    Unless there is a Government commitment to fund the new institution on the same footing as the other seven universities neither Carlow nor Waterford IT should touch it.

    If Ms Mulcahy’s growth projections are right, the south east will continue to have low 3rd level participation rates; and so will be tied into being a backward economy. That is why Waterford IT lecturers have refused to go with the present TU proposal- it will be the same as the useless RTC to IoT upgrade; and do nothing for the people of the south east.

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