Daily Archives: 24 September, 2015

Junior Cycle Reform: Statement by Minister Jan O’Sullivan, TD
SF meet with new UU Vice-Chancellor Paddy Nixon
New business school plans criticised by underpaid third-level workers
The story of a shy academic
PAC hears of three Limerick Institute of Technology staff earning €72k with nothing to do
ASTI rejects, TUI accepts reform proposals
Learning from PowerPoint: is it time for teachers to move on?
Speech – Tom Boland – ‘A Dialogue on the Future Funding of Higher Education in Ireland’
Student loans firm to expand to Republic
Magee expansion: Sinn Fein meet with new Ulster Vice-Chancellor
‘Faddish’ teaching methods
Videoing lectures ‘has no impact’ on attendance, says study
Education and research have serious impact
Retiring ESRI director calls for focus on key messages
Rote teaching vs enquiry learning: the debate continues