STEM Sexism Needs to Stop

Ireland“The kind of subtle, insidious sexism that is so widespread in STEM is hard to pin down – not because of any subtlety in how it manifests itself, but rather in the way we approach sexism in everyday life …” (more)

[Sarah Jennings, Trinity News, 30 November]


  • Sarah,
    Your post filled me with sadness and hope. Sadness that an able young woman should face such obstacles in the 21st Century. And hope because you have the courage, ability and insight to name them. It is no consolation to say that your perceptions and experiences have unfortunately been systematically documented in other institutions and in other countries. I dare to hope that the majority of men will eventually be shocked into challenging their own attitudes and behaviors. Like many others I have spent much of my life trying to change things-and with limited effect as you rightly note. So yes, it is hard. It is not right. Until things change, mind yourself. Continue to believe in yourself and in the possibility of a better world. Every good wish for your future. Prof Pat O’Connor

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