Monthly Archives: January 2016

Tables pressure on schools to steer students to third level
One university size does not fit all
OECD finds literacy an issue among university students
Meddling parents help third-level students fail test of independence
Sáez-Martínez, González-Moreno and Hogan, ‘The Role of the university in eco-entrepreneurship: evidence from the eurobarometer survey on attitudes of European entrepreneurs towards eco-innovation’
NUIG’s data breach denial: Just papering over the cracks?
Oxford college accused of bowing to donors to keep Rhodes statue
Opinion: Trinity College’s consent classes are important and do not demonise young men
Universities offer ‘literacy clinics’ for students
Linda Dowling-Hetherington, ‘University Change in Ireland: Understanding the “What”, the “Why” and the “How”‘
Proposed Amendments of College Statutes to Change Definition of ‘Student’ Following High Court Case
Report on Berkeley balconies imminent
Labour Court Recommendations: Tyndall Institute
Irish media has painted TCDSU’s consent project as latest diatribe against men
Third Level Institutions: IT Tallaght
Neo-puritan preaching to students won’t stop rape
O’Dea urges publication as UL report is finally delivered
TCD may introduce ‘mandatory’ sexual consent classes
WIT Governing body agree to re-enter Technological University talks with IT Carlow
College posts tender for demolition of Oisín House