Daily Archives: 17 May, 2016

One down, two to go!!!
NUIG gender quota announcement ‘good – but not good enough’ says IFUT
NUI Galway to introduce gender quotas to ensure more women promoted to senior posts
USI said the number of staff on zero-hour contracts at third level is unacceptable
Mandatory gender quotas will ‘not resolve’ issues at NUIG – Siptu
Some thoughts about fairness after 30 years in DCU
SIPTU members highlight flaws in NUI Galway gender task force report
Essays for sale: a new wave of plagiarism
Overseas students: an international solution to an Irish problem?
Elsevier Acquires Social Science Repository SSRN
Report shows use of zero-hour contracts by universities
Stress being placed on young people by points race raises risk of suicide
College chaplains are not religious operatives
Higher education – is competition always the answer?
Campus life key to overseas students’ good experience