Daily Archives: 07 July, 2016

Scrapping Fempi legislation immediately ‘unaffordable’
How long will goodwill in academia last?
Queen’s University graduates reveal why they snubbed vice chancellor
Institutes of Technology – Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
Third Level Admissions Entry Requirements – New Points System
Institutes of Technology – Borrowing Powers
Third Level Admissions Data – Student Numbers
Technological Universities – A National Technological University
Third Level Data – Irish Students in the UK
Minister to consult with AIT over university status – Burke
ASTI continues its campaign to repeal FEMPI
Third Level Education – Increased Demand post-Brexit
Third Level Fees – Irish Students in the UK
Union of Students in Ireland welcomes its second female president in two years
UCC to create student hub in €15m extension
First ever Irish university taught course on sexuality and sexual health education will begin in September
NUI Galway uses 16,500 animals in tests
Students at NI universities owe £2.7bn