Can our universities survive another fall in global rankings?

Ireland“In much the same way as credit rating agencies downgraded the Irish economy in recent years, it’s easy to take issue with the private firms who compile university rankings.They may well be biased towards richer colleges and compromised by the way they sell their expertise to universities desperate to improve their overall position …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 22 September]


One Response to “Can our universities survive another fall in global rankings?”

  1. tim Says:

    Yes of course they can survive, what a dumb question.

    The rankings are a one way bet for University Presidents- if they rise Hurrah! Great leadership (see NUIG crowing and preening about their rise); if they drop we need more money! Gosh these fellows are so darn smart.

    It would be nice to see proper oversight of their effectiveness, efficiency and some depth of analysis in these complex beasts.

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