Daily Archives: 02 February, 2017

‘No more offers’ warns Minister as teachers’ strike looms
New Research Initiative Criticised After Concerns Over Ranking Academics
Colm Tóibín appointed chancellor of Liverpool University
ASTI vote ‘no’ to package on pay restoration and junior cert reform, re-igniting threat of strikes
Head of Law School Condemns Sexist Comments Made by Students in Module Evaluations
Ellen Hazelkorn, ‘The Role of Higher Education in the Age of Populism’
US immigration ban impacts many students and academic travel from Ireland, warns IFUT
The university challenge: what would an Intelligent Brexit look like?
Universities need to be creative to survive, says new UCC president
CAO applications on course to match last year’s record high
Proposed DIT levy on students could raise €20m
Can’t spell or do basic maths? Blame predictive text and calculators