Why most Irish doctors in future will be white, female and middle-class

“The modern day Irish medical student is likely to be young, female, Dublin-based and from an affluent background. That is according to a Higher Education Authority study on the profile of medical students. The report provides a stark snapshot of who our future healthcare professionals will be and how lacking in diversity the student body is compared to many other sectors of society …” (more)

[Aine McMahon, Irish Times, 10 April]

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One Response to “Why most Irish doctors in future will be white, female and middle-class”

  1. Pat O'Connor Says:

    The decision to change the criteria for admission to medical school reflected the desire to increase the numbers of boys (and this was explicitly stated by the Heads of Medical Schools at the time). The strategy used was to educe the CAO points threshold and to introduce a gendered instrument (the HPAT). No similar attempt has been made to increase the number of girls in engineering or in the other male dominated STEM areas. I have yet to see a headline that most Irish engineers in future will be white, male and middle class. It seems that it is only female achievement that provokes such headlines. Maybe they would like it better if we were ignorant and barefoot? Prof Pat O’Connor UL

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