Daily Archives: 20 August, 2018

Age, Memory and Learning
Third-level sector funding to be tied to gender equality improvements
Publication of Gender and Diversity Statement
CAO points rise for over 40% of courses as offers made
Minister Mitchell O’Connor opens Major European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education at Trinity College Dublin
Decline in students choosing ICT courses cause for concern
Five big take-aways from this year’s CAO results
CAO 2018: Points for arts fall amid demand for jobs-friendly courses
CAO 2018: Arts falls, science steady and engineering and law rise
Family spending cut in bid to meet education costs
Higher-level maths students performing well despite doubling in exam numbers
Trinity’s CAO Decline Shows it Needs to Focus More on the Here and Now
Sharp rise in students living at home due to accommodation crisis
New head appointed at University of Limerick based Lero centre
The Provost’s Speech in Israel is Divorced from the Reality of Campus Opinion