Daily Archives: 05 October, 2018

The Road to Nowhere
Gender-bias in Academia: The Case Strumia
UK universities hiring ‘superstar’ professors to boost research rankings
Trinity Must Work Harder to Make Its Graduates Employable
Report: universities called on to do more to support students reporting sexual harassment complaints
South East Employers Back Bid for TU Status
Female STEM students unaware of their job options
Government investment in Research and Development amounts to over €750m in 2018 – Minister Halligan
Internal vs external promotion, part two: seven advantages of internal promotion, plus some general tips for both
Solas chief executive to head Higher Education Authority
Paul O’Toole appointed as Interim HEA CEO
Finance director role ‘gone’ after shake-up of management at University of Limerick
Sexual consent classes needed across all of third level, says Minister