‘Women-only’ posts not the answer to gender imbalance – TCD academic

Ireland“A senior Trinity College Dublin academic has said she is not sure if the creation of ‘women-only’ professorships in third level institutions is the way to improve gender balance in the education system. Prof Linda Doyle, dean of research at the university, said that from a feminist perspective there was a need to do something for women to ensure a greater number of them fill senior academic posts …” (more)

[Kevin O’Sullivan, Irish Times, 12 November]

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One Response to “‘Women-only’ posts not the answer to gender imbalance – TCD academic”

  1. Pat O'Connor Says:

    Men’s ‘chance’ of a professorship in Irish universities is roughly 1:5- much the same across all universities and varying little since 2013 (this being assessed on the basis of the ratio between those men at prof level and those below that). Women’s ‘chance’ of a professorship is 1:15 and varies between universities (range: 1:9 to 1:31). It has increased overall marginally since 2013- from 1:16 to 1:15. Some universities are changing fast- e.g. in TCD men’s chance decreased from 4 times greater than women’s in 2013-15 to just over twice in 2017. In some universities men’s chances have actually increased since 2013-15. Overall the increase has been 1-2% per year since 2013. Prof position is necessary to sit on key boards. The Minister is committed to ensuring that 40% of those at prof level will be women by 2024. She launched a suite of measures including linking funding to gender profile of senior positions; making experience in gender equality as a criterion for line management appointment; the implementation of the cascade model at SL level (where overall it is not being implemented) and the opportunity for HEIs to apply for these extra prof posts on a pilot basis in areas where women are under-represented. So it NOT the only thing….

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